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Fenmoormountain Machinery, New and used machinery,plant and equipment  Cardinham, Cornwall 
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A little bit about Fenmoormountain machinery

FenMoorMountain Machinery originally  our excuse for enjoying  a  passion for buying and selling new and used plant,  machinery, overstocks, government surplus and similar. It is something we  have been doing since 1982 and would like to think that  the experience this brings to the table allows us to buy sensibly and offer items for sale that are fit for purpose and represent both good quality and value for money. Our wide ranging commercial interest outside of FenMoorMountain however, from Aviation through construction , property, mechanical engineering and farming brings a practical understanding, not only of the benefits but also the pitfalls of the equipment and items in which we deal.  This lets us make valued decisions towards quality and value at the purchasing stage. We reject an awful lot of rubbish , hasten to add are not perfect and buy a bit of rubbish  too but then we would be clever  and rich if we were to get it right all the time. In selling we pitch what we consider sensible prices that are competitive, compared  in the market against any particular item.  We also accept  that there is a resale market for  some of the items we sell and we have been around long enough to appreciate that leaving a profit for the re-seller is important for a continued relationship. Most important we would also  assure you that whilst we are here to make a profit  we are flexible enough to enjoy a haggle so we will always entertain sensible offers.