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LB7 voicestore 7 seven voice digital storage unit CE Audio announcement-warnings

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One LB7 solid state recorder and play back unit  that allows up to seve  separate voice messages to be  digitally stored  in its internal memory (8mbit). There is also a line input socket to allow pre recorded message or sounds to be recorded.
It has a  0.5 watt built in amplifier and head phone jack socket for monitoring purposes.
The LB7 will record and  play back up to  seven different messages up to a total of 2 minutes and 14 seconds
Messages of higher priority can stop the play back of active messages which is useful for instance where the message is an alarm message  used along with normal information messages.
Playback is by pressing the start switch on lid of unit or  by remote switch operation.
voltage 240v ac, 24 or 12 volt DC